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Sparkle Cleaners
Sparkle Cleaners
Sparkle Cleaners October Specials
Just in time for Fall!
Sparkle Cleaners October Specials Just in time for Fall!
October Exclusive Text Club Special
At Sparkle Cleaners we've got two great Fall specials to get you ready for the cooler weather. Our October text club special features 40% off comforters and bedspreads and our web coupon will get you $3.00 off your sweaters and 25% off pillow cleaning!
For the text special, all you have to do is show your phone at the store for your discount! If you're not a text club member, simply text "Sparkle" to 313131 and we'll send specials directly to your phone each month. It's that simple to save at Sparkle! See below for our web coupon.
October Savings Coupons!
Simply print this email and bring to any
Sparkle location for your discount.

sparkle coupons
Laundry mistakes you might be making.
Using Too Much Detergent?

Excess suds can hold dirt pulled from clothes and get caught in areas that won't always rinse clean, like under a collar, leading to bacteria buildup. The remedy: Use only half the amount of detergent that you normally do, then gradually increase that amount if your clothes are not coming out as clean as you would like. An exception: If you have hard water, you may actually need more soap than you are using. Check the recommendation for hard water on your detergent bottle.

Using Too Much Detergent?
Fall Hours

Monday—Friday: 7:00 am—7:00 pm *Except Stone/Drachman
Saturday: 8:00 am—6:00 pm *Except Stone/Drachman
SAME DAY SERVICE even on Saturdays!

*Stone/Drachman Location
Monday—Friday: 7:00 am—6:30 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am—5:00 pm

Mendel's Wife the Tailor Hours *Except Stone/Drachman
Monday—Friday: 9:00 am—6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:30 am—3:30 pm

*Stone/Drachman Location
Monday—Friday: 8:00 am—6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am—3:30 pm

Green Valley Hours
Monday—Friday:   7:00 am—6:00 pm
Saturday:   8:00 am—3:00 pm
SAME DAY SERVICE Monday through Friday
*Mendel's Hours Vary, please call

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